Instructional Technology Certificate Program

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The Instructional Technology Certificate Program is a no-cost professional development program offered to full-time instructors, instructional designers, and instructional/distance education support staff throughout the university, including the College Station, Galveston, and Qatar campuses (unfortunately, due to space and resource constraints, we are unable to admit teaching and/or graduate assistants into the program).

The program teaches participants the pedagogical practices to incorporate technology with course design and teaching. It is ideal for anyone teaching or designing face-to-face, blended, or fully online courses. Plus, you further your professional development by earning CEUs. Several electives are available to customize the training to fit your needs.

Note: The program is only offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Required Courses

Three core courses comprise the basics of the program. These three courses are required and designed to be taken in sequence:

  • Fundamentals of Teaching – 3 weeks
  • Incorporating Instructional Technologies – 3 weeks
  • Content Design and Development – 3 weeks

The core courses start Monday, September 18 and end Friday, November 17.

You earn 6 CEUs from core courses. Successfully completing the courses requires 7-10 hours per week of actively participating in online discussions and completing assignments, which together comprise an entire module or unit of web-based instruction. You share your final project with other participants for the purposes of peer review and to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning goals of the program.

You are required to earn 0.4 CEU by completing workshops from the list of electives below. Not all ITS workshops are included in the list of approved electives for the program. The core courses, electives, and any associated coursework should be completed within 12 months of initial enrollment.

This is a blended certificate program. Therefore, a majority of the coursework will be completed online. Participants will be expected to participate in live, synchronous sessions throughout the three required courses. Dates and times will be scheduled and announced before the start of the first required course.


Choose electives to customize training to fit your needs. All electives provide 0.2 CEU unless otherwise noted. Electives should be completed within 12 months of the program's start date of Monday, September 18.

Estimated Time Commitments

  • Core courses: 7-10 hours per week for 9 weeks
  • Electives: Varies, typically 2-3 hours per workshop

Computer Requirements

  • A computer using Windows 7 or Mac OS X v.5 or higher
  • A high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended
    • We cannot guarantee multimedia components will work with slower connections
    • We cannot distribute hard copies (e.g., CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) of multimedia items due to copyright restrictions
  • A set of speakers and/or headphones for listening to presentations and a webcam, headset, and/or microphone for voice chat
    • Some courses have audio/video presentations
    • Some courses use voice chat and/or student-narrated presentations
    • Consult ITS staff for more information about these devices

Software Requirements

  • Modern Web Browser
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer or Edge
    • Apple Safari
  • Adobe Flash Player
    • Some courses include audio/visual presentations
  • Adobe Reader
    • Some courses include PDF documents
  • Java Runtime Environment
    • Some courses include content that runs on Java
  • Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or Google Docs
    • All courses require one of these business application suites
    • OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Proposal Requirements

A proposal submission is required for consideration into the certificate program.

Proposals should include:

  • Cover page
    • Name and title
    • College and department
    • Mailing address with mailstop
    • Phone number and email
  • 1-page narrative
    • Why you want to participate in the certificate program
    • Anticipated outcomes for participating (what you hope to learn)
    • How you plan to manage and commit time to completing coursework (approximately 7-10 hours per week)

Proposal Submission

Due to space and resource constraints, the number of participants is limited to approximately 10 full-time instructors, instructional designers, and instructional/distance education support staff throughout the university.

Submit a proposal by Thursday, August 31. Attach the proposal as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file in an email to We will send selection information to participants by Friday, September 8.

Contact us for more information about the Instructional Technology Certificate Program.