Academic Innovation Grant

Academic Innovation Grant, preparing faculty for student success


The Academic Innovation Grant is an advanced program that blends training and collaboration to prepare faculty members for student success in an online learning environment. Together, faculty members and the Instructional Technology Services Instructional Design Team will work collaboratively to design, develop, and deploy high-quality online learning materials.

Available Resources

Fifteen (15) awards of up to $10,000 may be made to one (1) Principal Investigator (PI). Please see program details for payout schedule. This program is available to faculty and staff members who are Instructors of Record for 100-, 200-, 300- and 400-level courses.
Note: Faculty and staff members NOT located at the College Station campus are required to contact for a consultation regarding their proposed project prior to submission.


  • Develop innovative methods to communicate content in an engaging manner
  • Identify best practices related to technology-driven learning environments
  • Stimulate learning among students
  • Personalize online learning experiences
  • Increase retention rates

Proposal Requirements

Each proposal must contain the following:

  • A cover page
    • Name and title
    • Course name and number
    • College and department
    • Mailing address with mailstop
    • Phone number and email
    • Signature of supporting department head
    • Supporting department head's mailing address with mailstop
  • Narrative
    • Identify course selected for redesign (brief description, number of sections, students impacted)
    • Brief teaching philosophy
    • Current status of course (content established, content currently being developed/redeveloped)
    • Identify selected grant category (below) and reason for selecting category
    • Vision statement for the proposed course design/redesign
    • Anticipated outcomes from participating
    • Planned date for teaching redesigned course
  • Course syllabus

Submission & Selection

Candidates should submit their completed proposals, as outlined in the request for proposals (PDF) to ITS by Friday, February 1, 2019. All proposals should be submitted via email to

Proposals will be reviewed by ITS and evaluated using an associated rubric (PDF). Notifications of acceptance and additional details will be provided by Wednesday, February 6.

Program Details

The Academic Innovation Grant allows faculty and staff to select the grant category that best fits their course design needs.


Video Design
The development and use of unique media and delivery platforms to better convey instructional content within online portions of a course.

eCampus Design
A standardized approach to developing an online course in eCampus. Learn to use eCampus features and tools to develop a quality hybrid or online course.

Interactive Textbook Development
Modernizing existing course content to enhance learner experience, engagement, and accessibility.

MicroLearning Design
Development of interactive course components that require advanced scripting and enhanced learner usability design.

Program Phases

Phase I Requirements
Duration: 3 weeks

  • Face-to-face meetings with Instructional Design Team
  • Prescribed Quality Matters course
    • "Improving Your Online Course"

Phase I Payout: $2,000 – upon successful completion of requirements

Phase II Requirements
Duration: 1 semester

  • "Learning Outcomes & Alignment" online course
  • Training sessions; minimum of 8 required
  • Face-to-face work sessions with Instructional Design Team (as needed)

Phase II Payout: $3,000 – upon successful completion of requirements

Phase III Requirements
Duration: 6 months

  • One-on-one consultations with Instructional Design Team (as needed)
  • Training sessions (as needed)
  • Quality assurance review of course

Phase III Payout: $5,000 – upon successful completion of requirements

Note: This program requires a commitment of 7-10 hours per week. This commitment includes face-to-face requirements, trainings, training assignments, and content design and development.