Core Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grants

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Note: The Core Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grant Program is currently postponed and may return at a future date. Please contact us for more information.


Core Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grants, program benefits creation or redesigns of high-enrollment undergraduate courses

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Request for Proposals to Develop Core Curriculum Courses Enhanced with Technology

The Core Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grant Committee requests proposals to develop or revise high-quality, high-enrollment core curriculum courses which use technology to achieve Texas A&M University's undergraduate learning outcomes as stated in the Office of the Provost's Student Learning Outcomes. Five awards of up to $75,000 each are made to Principal Investigators for course development activities.

The grant program directly aligns with the Office of the Provost's Pedagogy Project by supporting the development of course materials that are pedagogically sound, encourage student motivation, and increase student retention. New versions of the courses may be technology mediated, blended/hybrid, or fully online and may be distance education courses.

Proposals are due to Instructional Technology Services (Mail Stop 3002, 004 Heldenfels Hall) by early December. The committee typically announces grant awards prior to the start of the spring semester.

Note: Only courses offered at the College Station campus are eligible for the grant program.

Committee Members

College of Architecture
Dr. Ifte Choudhury, Associate Professor, Construction Science

College of Education & Human Development
Dr. Judy Sandlin, Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Administration & Human Resource Development

Faculty Senate
Dr. Jose Solis, Associate Professor, Construction Science

College of Geosciences
Dr. Shari Yvon-Lewis, Professor, Oceanography

College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Stephen Balfour, Director of Instructional Technology and Research Computing & Instructional Associate Professor

College of Science
Dr. Simon Sheather, Professor and Head, Statistics

Student Body

Ex Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Office of the Provost
Dr. John August, Dean of Faculties & Associate Provost
Dr. Ann Kenimer, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Instructional Technology Services
Dr. Jim Snell, Director (facilitator)
Jeff Kurtz, Assistant Director

Previous Grant Recipients

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Heather Wilkinson
Garry Wingenbach, Tracy Rutherford, and Billy McKim
Brian Shaw
Craig Coates

College of Architecture
Jorge Vanegas and Rodney Hill
Lee Spurgeon and Tim McLaughlin
Galen Newman and J.I. Kim
Mark Clayton, Julian Kang, Geoffrey Booth, Nancy Klein, Kevin Glowacki, and Gabriela Campagnol

College of Education & Human Development
Valerie Hill-Jackson, Jeffrey Liew, and Dianne Kraft
Susan Ward and Bruce Hanik
Patricia Lynch

College of Geosciences
Wendy Jepson
Christina Wiederwohl

College of Liberal Arts
Cecelia Hawkins, Amy Earhart, Candace Hastings, and Valarie Balester
Francoise Vionnet-Bracher and Cheryl Schaile
Harvey Tucker
Jane Sell
Sharon Gursky-Doyen
Glen Miller, C.E. Harris, and Ray James (College of Engineering)
Rachel Hull and Paul Wellman
Jonathan Meer
Marian Eide

College of Science
Yvette Hester, Jennifer Whitfield, Sandra Nite, Angela Allen, Joe Kahlig, and Kathryn Bollinger
Kathryn Ryan and Wayne Versaw
William Bassichis & Tatiana Erukhimova