Flipping Your Course Faculty Institute

Flipping Your Course graphic, switch your lecture and homework assignments


The flipped course is a pedagogical model where the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed or switched. It introduces lecture materials in an online format so that class time can instead be devoted to problem solving, discussions, and group activities that reflect higher levels of learning.

Preliminary Summer 2018 Faculty Institute Dates

We will hold a two-week faculty institute in which you can improve your knowledge and skills in designing and developing an exemplary course in a flipped format.

Monday, June 4 – Friday, June 15
Proposals due Tuesday, May 29

Daily Agendas (NOTE: Will be adapted for a two-week schedule soon!)

Day 1, Online Only

A. Log in to eCampus—you will be enrolled in the "Flipping Your Course" Faculty Institute, under the Courses tab
B. Watch the introductory video(s)
C. Assignment 1: Complete the scavenger hunt and contribute to the research discussion using the Discussion Tool
D. Homework: Choose one to two class sessions of your own that you would like to flip
E. Video: ADA compliance

Day 2, Face to Face and Online

– Face-to-Face Portion, 1:00-4:00 in ITS classroom

A. Summary of the final project
B. Modern PowerPoint design and tools
C. ADA summary
D. Camtasia Studio
    a. Bringing PowerPoint presentations into Camtasia (time permitting)
    b. Annotating for video (time permitting)

– Online Portion

E. Develop a plan for flipping your course and apply the tools above to your content
F. Homework 1: Develop a plan to flip one class session or lecture (not your entire course); bring the plan to Day 3
G. Homework 2: Develop a script; during Day 3, we will use Camtasia to record a portion of your face-to-face class and post it online—you will need a script for the recording as well as to create the closed captions for the video

Day 3, Face to Face, 8:30-12:00 & 1:00-4:30 in ITS classroom

All-day come-and-go open lab for questions and work

Day 4, Face to Face, 1:00-4:00 in ITS classroom

A. Presentations by Center for Teaching Excellence and the Libraries
    a. What to do during class presentations
    b. Classroom engagement and interaction
B. i>clickers
C. Quality Matters
D. Blackboard Collaborate

Day 5, Face to Face, 8:30-11:00 in ITS classroom

A. Presentations due—share with the other participants!

Exception Note: Faculty with previous online experience may choose to opt out of Days 2 through 4.

Who Should Attend

The institute is open to tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure-track faculty with previous face-to-face teaching experience.


To successfully complete the institute:

  • Attend four consecutive classroom sessions (see the exception note above about previous online experience)
  • Submit the following by the end of Day 5:
    • Outline of the course(s) you plan to flip
    • Which topics will be covered in face-to-face classes and which will be covered online
    • Rationale for choices made regarding delivery mode or method
    • Online lecture content for one class session

Proposal Requirements

A proposal submission is required to participate.

Proposals should include:

  • A cover page:
    • Name and title
    • Course name and number
    • College and department
    • Mailing address with mailstop
    • Phone number and email
    • Which specific institute you will attend
  • 1-2 page narrative:
    • Why you would like to participate in the institute
    • How you plan to change your course(s)
    • What you hope to learn
    • Your anticipated outcomes
    • When you plan to teach the flipped course(s)
  • A syllabus of your existing course selected for the redesign
  • A statement of commitment that you will meet the institute expectations

´╗┐´╗┐Proposal Submissions

The number of participants is limited to available seating in the ITS classroom, approximately 20 people.

Submit a proposal by Tuesday, May 29. Attach the proposal as a Microsoft Word or an Adobe PDF file in an email to itshelp@tamu.edu. We will send selection information to participants by the Wednesday before the institute.

Contact us for more information about the faculty institute and flipping your course.