Examity is the centrally supported, university-wide assessment security and online proctoring service. Examity authenticates students for assessments, helps prevent academic dishonesty, and helps protect assessments from being copied and shared.

Examity offers varying levels of security—from basic authentication all the way through to live proctoring—to ensure students' identities and monitor actions during an assessment. All authentication and proctoring are done electronically through a web browser interface that integrates with eCampus (Blackboard Learn), the university's centrally supported learning management system.



Watch a recorded information session (webinar demo) given by Examity on 01/12/17.

Getting Started

Based on a TAMU System licensing agreement, Examity is available for use in all eCampus courses throughout the university. Students are not to be directly charged for Examity use.

Individual colleges and departments will determine billing and access to use the service on a course-by-course basis. All costs, payments, and authorizations for proctored assessments will be the responsibility of individual colleges and departments.

Colleges and departments may contact TAMU's Examity account representative, Vanessa McCarthy at vmccarthy@examity.com or (617) 600-4483, to start the onboarding process.

Please provide:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • UIN
  • College
  • Department
  • eCampus Course and Section ID(s)
  • Click the "ExamityTAMUSSO" course tool checkbox by going to the Customization > Tool Availability menu in eCampus
    • Once enabled, the tool can be added by creating a Tool link

Once billing and authorizations are set up, Examity will provide access to the service for specific eCampus courses. ITS administers the Examity Building Blocks (plug-ins) for eCampus and will help guide instructors and instructional support staff through the onboarding process to become familiar with the service after billing and authorizations have been set up through Examity.

Basic Steps to Set Up an Assessment

Interaction with Examity begins within eCampus. From an eCampus course, you and your students can access your personalized Examity dashboard.

The basic steps for an instructor to deliver an assessment in Examity are as follows:

  1. Create assessment in eCampus
  2. Select the level of security (see FairExam Levels below)
  3. Input assessment rules

The basic steps for Examity to proctor an assessment are as follows:

  1. Register students
  2. Validate identities of students
  3. Monitor assessment
  4. Audit, review, and validate assessment
  5. Provide an analytics report through the Examity dashboard

FairExam Levels

Examity provides two levels of authentication and three levels of proctoring for testing security. Instructors may select the levels that best match the needs of each assessment.

Authentication Levels

Level AA: Auto-Authentication

Designed for lower-stakes assessments and meeting accepted standards. Students snap pictures of their IDs and faces, answer challenge questions, and enter biometric keystroke signatures to verify their identities.

Level LA: Live Authentication

Live Authentication is best suited for assessments that matter more. Level LA ensures an agreed-upon understanding of assessment rules and a "clean" test environment. Challenge questions, ID verifications, facial comparisons, keystroke analyses, and full recordings help make this level the most reliable level of authentication.

Proctoring Levels

Level 1: Auto-Proctoring

A fully automated proctoring approach. After auto-authentication is complete, Examity captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify inappropriate behaviors.

Level 2: Record and Review Proctoring

After live-authentication, each assessment is recorded from start to finish and is later viewed by a human, in its entirety, to ensure that no rules have been violated.

Level 3: Live Proctoring

After completing the live-authentication process, Examity monitors students' surroundings and entire desktops throughout the assessment. This is considered the most secure method with online proctoring. An advantage to this level is that Examity may comment and troubleshoot in real-time during the test.



FairExam Level

"Pay As You Go" First Hour Price

"Pay As You Go" Additional Hour Price

Level AA: Auto-Authentication



Level LA: Live Authentication



Level 1: Auto-Proctoring



Level 2: Record and Review Proctoring



Level 3: Live Proctoring




NOTE: Fees will be charged on a monthly basis. Access will be available to the auto-levels for unlimited use.

Non-auto (Level LA, Level 2, and Level 3) services, which are scheduled within 24 hours of examination, will result in an additional charge of $5 per hour (per student per examination). Non-auto (Level LA, Level 2, and Level 3) cancelations or changes within 24 hours of examination will result in a $5 charge per occurrence. Full payment will be required for any no-shows.

Technical Requirements

  • Access to a computer with a webcam and a microphone (either built-in or external)
  • Sufficient Internet speed, at least 700 kbps upload and download speed; test Internet speeds at http://www.speedtest.net
  • Disable pop-up blockers to connect to live proctor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I would like to start using Examity in my course. What are the next steps?

A: Examity is available for use in all eCampus courses throughout the university. Individual colleges and departments will determine billing and access to use the service on a course-by-course basis. For more information, see the Getting Started section above.

Q: What if my students or I experience technical issues during an assessment? Where can my students and I get help?

A: Examity has 24/7 support at (855) 392-6489 and support@examity.com.

Q: Do you have email templates and quick guides I can share with my students?

A: Yes, see the Resources & Support section below.

Q: What is ITS' role in supporting Examity?

A: ITS administers the Examity Building Blocks (plug-ins) for eCampus. ITS consultants will help guide instructors and instructional support staff through the onboarding process to become familiar with the service after billing and authorizations have been set up through Examity. In addition, ITS provides training and support to instructors for setting up assessments in eCampus. During proctored assessments, Examity takes over the support role for both instructors and students.

View additional FAQs on the Examity website.

Best Practices

  1. Colleges, departments, and instructors that are considering using Examity in courses or programs are encouraged to think about these questions:
    • How are assessments currently structured and delivered?
    • Will assessments need to be modified to be taken online?
    • If modified, how will the new assessments impact the student learning experience as well as affect teaching?
    • What are some concerns students may have about using an online proctoring service?
  2. Communicate clearly and often with your students about using Examity. Explain to students why you are choosing to use Examity. Share how it will impact their testing and course experience. Set expectations for Examity sessions.
  3. Incorporate Examity in your course, program, departmental, and/or college policies. Include information about Examity and proctored assessments in your syllabi.
  4. Consider how online proctoring may differ from in-person proctoring. Discuss with your college or department how testing policies can be interpreted or will be adapted for online proctoring.
  5. Use Examity early in the semester with a low-stakes assessment. Early access to the service and familiarity will make for better testing experiences.

Resources & Support

Instructor Quick Guide (PDF)

Instructor-to-Student Email Templates (Doc)

Student Quick Guide (PDF)

Instructional Technology Services
(979) 458-3417

Vanessa McCarthy
Examity Account Representative for TAMU
(617) 600-4483

Examity 24/7 Support
(855) 392-6489