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February 2017 (PDF)

  • Learn the Latest in Instructional Technology from throughout the TAMU System at the 2017 Teaching with Technology Conference
  • Peerceptiv to Replace Calibrated Peer Review
  • ITS to Participate in Pedagogy Project Workshops
  • Renovation of Training Classroom into an Active Learning Space
  • Examity Pilot Started this Spring
  • Teaching w/ Tech Tip: Add an Auditor to an eCampus Course
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Now Available
  • New "Instructional Technology Certificate Program" and Updated "Flipping Your Course" Faculty Institute

September 2016 (PDF)

  • What's New with ITS: Initiatives & Projects
  • Get Ready for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Submit a Proposal for a Core Curriculum Technology Enhancement Grant
  • "ITS Docs" Now in IT Self-Service Knowledge Base
  • Peerceptiv Pilot Extended through Fall Semester
  • Call for Proposals Open for TAMUS-wide Teaching with Technology Conference
  • Grade Submission from eCampus to Howdy to be Ready by Mid-Terms
  • Using Lynda.com with eCampus
  • Teaching w/ Tech Tip: Test Availability Exceptions in eCampus
  • Upcoming Training
  • Quality Matters Workshops

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