Request eCampus Courses for Summer

Release Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Instructional Technology Services (ITS) reminds Instructors of Record and instructional staff of the summer 2018 start-of-semester procedures and the spring 2018 end-of-semester procedures for managing courses in eCampus.

Go to eCampus Tools to request eCampus courses for summer.

eCampus Course Management

  • Summer 2018 courses can be requested through eCampus Tools
    • Courses are created within 30 minutes and include student enrollments
  • Spring 2018 courses will be removed from student view on Friday, May 25
  • Fall 2015 courses will be archived and moved off of eCampus on Monday, July 2
    • Refer to the eCampus Course Lifecycle help documentation for further details
    • Contact ITS for specific courses or programs that require extended access to course materials
    • Course extensions are considered temporary; any wanted content should be moved or saved

Recent Updates to eCampus

  • Course Availability Toggle: A padlock graphic appears at the top right to toggle course availability status easily; the padlock appears on content areas, module pages, discussion tool links, and groups tool links
  • Grade Center Column Bulk Deletion: The column organization page within the Grade Center now includes the option to delete columns in bulk; note that this works independently of the cancel/submit option and selecting cancel will not undo the deletion
  • Drag-and-Drop Multiple File Upload: A drag-and-drop interface replaces the Java-based multiple file upload tool in the content collection
  • Assignment Email Receipts for Students: Students now receive email receipts after submitting assignments

Attention Instructors Who Use iClickers

To ensure the TAMU Bookstore has an adequate inventory of iClicker remotes in stock, please inform them if you intend to use the devices for your summer course(s). Email Mary Smith at

  • iClicker 2 student remote, ISBN 9781498603041
  • iClicker 2 student remote with 6 month REEF Polling bundle, ISBN 9781319187675

ITS Support Information

Contact ITS at or (979) 458-3417. Email and phone support are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

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