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Instructional Technology Services
Texas A&M University
Instructional Technology Services

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Teaching & Learning Resources

Affiliates, partner departments, and other teaching and learning resources at Texas A&M.

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Center for Teaching Excellence
(979) 845-8392
Henderson Hall, 1st Floor
4246 TAMU
  • Consults instructors and offers suggestions for enhancing teaching
  • Conducts classroom observations
  • Interprets student-evaluation data
  • Helps assess student learning
  • Supports writing teaching-philosophy documents and compiling teaching portfolios
  • Supports graduate teaching assistants
  • Promotes best practices in teaching and enhancing student learning
  • Coordinates the development of the Faculty Teaching Resource

Data and Research Services
(979) 845-0532
1101 General Services Complex
4239 TAMU

  • Provides testing opportunities for college-credit hours through CLEP, departmental credit-by-exam, or correspondence courses
  • Provides scanning services for exams and research
  • Creates and conducts surveys for research, customer satisfaction, and assessment using online, paper-based, or telephone methods
  • Analyzes and reports results of local and national survey projects
  • Conducts student ratings of instructors
Department of Disability Services
(979) 845-1637
B118 Cain Hall
1224 TAMU
  • Consults through accommodations counseling, evaluation referral, and disability-related information
  • Offers adaptive technology services, exam and classroom accommodations, and transcription services for academically related purposes
  • Provides resources and referral information about other disability services
Help Desk Central
(979) 845-8300
1112 Computing Services Center (adjacent to Teague Building)
3142 TAMU
  • Houses a 24-hour service facility that provides computing assistance to students, instructors, and staff
  • Serves as a central point of contact for computing-related issues, both on campus and beyond
  • Manages computing accounts and allocations
  • Tracks and monitors viruses, malware, and other security threats
  • Offers fee-based computer and other hardware repairs
Instructional Media Services
(979) 845-8456
2601 General Services Complex
3142 TAMU
  • Supports and maintains technology-enhanced classrooms throughout campus
  • Provides, supports, and delivers various reservable equipment, such as data projectors, laptops, VHS-C and MiniDV videocameras, and VHS/DVD players
  • Supports and maintains registrar-controlled classroom equipment, such as data projectors, desktop computers, display screens, VHS/DVD players, document cameras, SMART Sympodiums, wireless microphones, and 35 mm slide projectors
Internet Media Services
(979) 845-1236
1112 TAMU
  • Administers the MediaMatrix Audio/Visual Internet Streaming System
  • Provides encoding, digitizing, and/or converting services for various types of media
  • Supplements the traditional classroom approach and provides alternative learning mechanisms through on-demand, streaming video/audio content
  • Expands the reach of education beyond the university
  • Enables users to augment and package existing materials to create robust learning and promotional materials
Office of Institutional Assessment
(979) 862-2918
Henderson Hall, 3rd Floor
1157 TAMU
  • Supports and assists assessment initiatives throughout the university, particularly those involving university-wide assessment and accreditation
  • Consults instructors and staff who develop and implement program-level assessment plans and reports, student-learning outcomes, assessment methods, and other evidence of student learning
  • Offers workshops regarding assessment
  • Hosts an annual assessment conference where instructors and staff can learn more about assessment and share best practices
Open Access Labs
(979) 845-8306
Student Computing Center (main office)
3142 TAMU
  • Provide computer access, classrooms, testing facilities, and group-study areas
  • Provide general and specialized workstations
  • House walk-up resource desks and offer informational guides about campus computing resources
  • Feature a variety of printing capabilities
Texas A&M Information Technology
Office of the Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
(979) 845-2072
119 Teague Building
1365 TAMU
  • Provides Information Technology (IT) services and resources to support academic and research pursuits at Texas A&M
  • Provides network and videoconferencing connectivity
  • Provides telecommunications and high-performance computing
  • Administers university IT grant programs
  • Affiliated with numerous regional and national IT initiatives
Texas A&M on iTunes U
(979) 845-4663
204 Bizzell East Hall
1372 TAMU
  • Provides a no-cost content distribution system hosted by Apple on the iTunes Store
  • Enables Texas A&M departments and student organizations to provide audio, video, and PDF files from lectures, interviews, performances, and other sources
  • Allows users to download publicly available multimedia content to their computers, iPods, or other portable devices

(979) 862-2240
Moore Communications Center
4244 TAMU

  • Provides the wide-area data and interactive communications network for the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS)
  • Serves numerous affiliated colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, and state agencies throughout Texas
  • Provides enterprise-class Internet data services to all members of TAMUS and the extended TTVN community
  • Provides videoconference scheduling and facilitation services, videoconference user and technical support, multi-point videoconference bridging, ISDN/H.320 gateways, live and archive video webcasting, and videoconference equipment repair
  • Manages the TTVN WebMeeting webconferencing system for the TAMUS
University Libraries
Learning and Outreach Services - (979) 862-1060
Library Services & Resources for Faculty - (979) 458-0138
Evans Library
5000 TAMU
  • Supports instructors and graduate students who teach research and/or writing-intensive courses
  • Offers in-class library informational sessions, workshops, and web-based tutorials
  • Consults instructors about how to incorporate library research and resources in any course and in any academic discipline
  • Consults instructors about how to create effective library assignments and use specific library services and resources

University Writing Center
(979) 458-1455
214 Evans Library
5000 TAMU

  • Supports all student writers, both graduate and undergraduate, through individually tailored consultations, writing resources on the web, and workshops
  • Supports instructors who teach written and oral communication through services such as Undergraduate Writing Assistants, newsletters, workshops, and online resources
  • Consults instructors about how to incorporate writing in any course and in any academic discipline
  • Conducts workshops about written and oral communication in undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Provides training for graduate student teachers in the area of writing instruction